IMC (In Mould Coating) ) – technology, in which the application of
protective-decorative coatings (paints) occurs on the surface of the mold.
Further manufacture of composite parts is possible when combined with the technology of Spray Skin, RRIM.

IMC+RRIM process
IMC+RRIM process
IMC+Spray Skin process
IMC+Spray Skin process

Variants of manufactured products
Variants of manufactured products


  • Interior parts: interior trim, instrument panel elements, door panels, armrests, etc.


  • Any color solutions;
  • Low gloss level;
  • Resistance to scratches;
  • Resistance to UV rays;
  • High resistance to wear and tear;
  • High resistance to solvents;
  • Not very high level of investments in press forms;
  • Project start up from 3 months.