OOO PC Selesta policy

Our strategic goal is to consolidate the leading positions in the market for the production of automotive components, increase customer satisfaction and product competitiveness..

Our main principle – quality is general benefit for consumers, company and society.

Our main value is the personnel of the company, its knowledge and experience, joined together to achieve the goal.

We achieve the goal due to:

  • Our management leadership in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes functioning;
  • Development of corporate culture and motivation system that ensures the involvement of personnel in the process of continuous improvement and understanding the dependence between quality and success;
  • Development of the company by comprehensive approach;
  • Implementing unique innovative technologies that reduce negative impact on the environment;
  • Collaboration with partners on the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation;
  • Working with reliable suppliers of raw materials, equipment and components. Development of cooperation with suppliers on a mutually beneficial basis;
  • Making decisions based on objective information;
  • Prevention of defects and not reasonable costs cutting.